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Challenges are to help you write a story, spark an idea, etc. To submit your own challenge, fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

The Beast and the Vampire issued by The Oracle
Write about how Mina and Jekyll would get together, and the complications of dealing with a vampire and a beast at the same time with their more human feelings.

The Beast Within issued by Parke Matru
Write a story where Mina and Hyde get together. Expand upon the relationship developed in Volume Two.

Blow Me Away issued by Nichol
Write a LXG story that has a truly mindblowing, jaw-dropping, 'ohmigod-I-did-not-see-THAT-coming' ending. Any pairing, any rating.

Deja Vu issued by Lucien
I would like to see a story where some of Jekyll's potions from the factory had gotten free and the League has to investigate hyde-like incidents throughout a city. All I ask for particulars is that the person in possession of the potions is a child under the age of 12.

A Difference In Betrayal issued by Settiai
Re-write the movie so that, instead of Dorian Gray being the traitor, it was one of the other members of the League.

Dorian Gray and the Vampire issued by jade
What if there was another vampire in Dorian Grey's life? What if he's back now and wants Dorian back by any means necessary? Slash fic, please.

Double Agent Dorian issued by Tazzy
Remember how Nemo remarked on Dorian's lack of surprise at Skinner's invisiblility? Write a story where Dorian was in fact a double agent and Skinner's partner in MI-5 (ending of the novelization). Any pairing accepted and any rating. It would be even more interesting if you find a way to bring Dorain back and have Skinner get the painting away from Mina.

Dracula Returns issued by Marah Valin
Write a story in which Dracula returns to reclaim Mina. Any rating, preferably a Mina/Dorian pairing.

Dreams Of Retribution issued by Greatjarl
Write a fanfic about Dorian reclaiming his soul. Whether he keeps his immortality or looses it during the fic is totally up to you.

An Extraordinary Man Made Visible issued by Moony Girl
Write a fic, either comicverse or movieverse and of whatever length, in which Griffin or Skinner is made visible (by a twist of fate of your choice) but only for an hour. What would he do and how would he feel within that short time period?

Foreign Policy issued by Moony Girl
(Inspiration for this challenge comes from LoEG, Vol. III) Write a fanfic, of whatever length, that primarily involves the movie League interacting with a League from another country of your choice. Whether the two Leagues become allies or enemies is up to you.

Fur Suits Him issued by SBX
Write a fic where Tom is a werewolf and doen't tell the rest of the League when he meets them. But, Dorian finds out somehow and uses the information to blackmail poor Tom. Slash isn't nessesary but would be very much appreciated.

Ghostly Challenge issued by Kira
The league meets the Ghost Who Walks!

Immortal Souls issued by Immortal Souls
A fic where the League encounters the Highlander, Duncan McCloud. Will they accept him, or condemn him for his killing of other immortals?

In Sickness And In Health issued by Ash
Fluff. Sawyer gets sick and is taken care by Jekyll, and Skinner thinks about new arisen feelings for Tom...enjoy ^_^

The Invisible Challenge issued by NMPatriot
Write a fanfic, however long, about when Skinner meets the other invisible persons from movies and literature.

Invisible Man/Vampire Woman issued by SomethingWicked
Write a Skinner/Mina fic. Any fic a'tall. There aren't many and I believe it will be a challenge.

Invisible Men issued by ThePet
A fic where Skinner meets/is possessed by/interacts in some way with Griffin. And Griffin is REALLY insulting.

Is It Possible? issued by Kaname
Write a fanfiction where Mina and Dorian finally get a chance to get together, for they have eternity, don't they? Mina/Dorian pairing, please.

The Lawyer and the Beast issued by Mitsuki
John Utterson finds out that Jekyll isn't exactly as dead as once thought. How, why, and if Utterson follows up on this information is up to you. Unexpected plot twists would be nice, too.

Mission: Get Henry Laid issued by Blaze S. Deverox
Henry is depressed and Edward, knowing that Henry's good health means his own continued life, thinks geting laid would perk Henry up. So Edward plans to fix Henry up with some one. Anyone.

Other Vampires issued by The Oracle
Write something where the League come across other famous vampires. (The ones from the Vampire Chronicles would be interesting)

Pretty Little Tom issued by NobleSecret
Slash: Tom is the center of attention. Begin in the movieverse, before Skinner leaves. Tom and Dorian end up together -- don't ask me how, that's your job -- and you then come back later, after movieverse. Tom opens up to Skinner about his relationship with Dorian, and then those two hook up. Make it nice and plan it out a bit. Give reasons for everything. I'd like to see a higher rating on this.

The Subtext Challenge issued by Prodigette
A drabble, ficlet or full fic containing mostly innuendo and subtext (even some unresolved sexual tension).

Time Travel issued by The Oracle
Any time travel fics in which they meet others of an extraordinary nature from books, comic books, movies, and any entertainment media.

Two Immortals issued by Tessah
Write a fanfic about Dorian Gray meeting Lestat from the Vampire Chronicles. They're both beautiful Immortals, how would they react to each other? Slash would be very interesting.

You Can't Be Invisible To Me issued by Melantha
Skinner/OC pairing; Skinner encounters a blind person. Doesn't have to even HAVE a pairing, just explore the fact that if you can't see, invisibility doesn't matter. I'd love to see a long story done with this.



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